Guide on Booking Music for Indian Weddings

If you’ve been to an Indian wedding, I’m quite sure that you enjoyed not just its enigmatic sights but the captivating music as well. And whether you are born Indian or someone who’s fallen in love with this South Asian culture, using the Indian Wedding theme could certainly make your big day perfect. Aside from planning your dress, decorations, and food, it’s equally important to hire the best wedding musicians. To help you with that, we have outlined a guide on how to choose the right Indian musicians for your event.

Make a Music List

Needless to say, this is really important as this sets off the other steps. How to start with it? If you are born Indian, chances are you have a long list of songs dear to you.  Start with that. Let your future husband hear them. Discuss which ones both of you like.

If you could not come up with at least a dozen songs, do a quick internet research. You may want to search for either the freshest Indian wedding music or the more traditional ones like the wedding Sitar player. Right now, Bollywood weddings are hot so you may want to check that out as well.

Speak with Your Officiating Priest

Now this would depend on how strict your officiating priest is when it comes to the types of music allowed during your wedding. Just to be safe, speak with them as soon as you have come up with a list of potential songs. This will not only help you avoid complications later but could even enhance your list. If you are not sure which ones to choose, ask your wedding priest for some music tips. I’m sure he could give you some valuable recommendations.

Selecting the Right Musician

Below are just a few things you should ask when booking your Indian wedding musician.

What do they specialise on? There are a lot of choices when it comes to Indian wedding music so it’s virtually impossible for any musician to cover everything. At any time, you are better off choosing a good musician who specialises on the genre you want over someone great but does not have as much experience on what you’re looking for.

If you still could not make a decision on which to choose, ask them to provide you with demo recordings or check them out on one of their live performances.

Are they available on your wedding date and venue? This is very basic but not specifying your wedding date and venue ahead of time could result to unwanted consequences. Really great Indian and other Asian musicians are hard to find on short notice especially if you are talking with individual musicians.

An advantage of booking through a wedding music agency is that they could get you someone even when emergencies happen. And this really does happen. Imagine your parents coming over from India to attend your wedding say in the UK and something unexpected happens that you need to reschedule. This would not be a much of a concern if you have a music agency covering your need.

Is the price within your budget? Setting a budget is a great way of keeping things at cost. It’s also a good way to filter out those that are just not within you budget making the selection process a lot faster. Also, you need to get as many quotations as you can. This will give you an idea on how much is the usual rate for your specific music requirement.

Do they have Public Liability Insurance? Public liability insurance for musicians is designed to protect you, your guests, your wedding, and your property. Professionals and high quality musicians update this regularly, so ask about it.

To read more about hiring wedding musicians, please click here.

I’d like to end this post by sharing with you one of the fantastic talents we have at the Classical Guitar Agency. You may books this vibrant Bollywood musician specialising on electric cello for weddings in the United Kingdom.


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