A Basic Guide on Planning Flamenco Weddings

How to Plan a Flamenco Wedding

Flamenco weddings have become a trend these days. Of course, there will always be variations but the core concepts of flamenco should always be there. If you want to use this theme for your wedding, please read along. I will show you the key aspects you have to attend to make your big day perfect.

Hiring Musicians

It’s important that you do your research on this one. These musicians are no ordinary wedding musicians. Many of these professionals hold teaching positions and full-time jobs. Others are constantly invited to other parts of the world to perform.  To successfully secure the ones you really like, book ahead of time.

The flamenco guitarist is the most familiar musician for this theme but you could always add other instruments like the flute, percussions, or even the violin. Basically, you will have to choose between hiring a solo flamenco guitarist or flamenco guitar duo, or you could hire a group of musicians. If your budget allows it, I suggest hiring a group. I guarantee you and your guests will be completely entertained.

Flamenco Dancer and Flamenco GuitaristShould I Hire a Flamenco Dancer?

Definitely! Your flamenco wedding would not be complete without this exquisite dancer.

The good thing about having one is that a flamenco dancer is not just a performer. She is in some sort an ambassadress of the flamenco. Ask her to share some steps to your guests and I’m sure she’ll gladly have everyone dancing. Expect her charm to captivate and her energy to infect everyone.

If you have the time to do it, learn a few steps yourself. Better, if you could get your man to join you. After doing your traditional first dance, why not entertain your guests by doing a short flamenco dance? I guarantee you it will be unforgettable.

Flamenco-Inspired Wedding Dress

I’m sure you already have some idea on how to get that perfect dress, but please you don’t overdo it. No spots, keep it plain if possible. Voluminous dresses are also a thing of the past. What’s important is that your dress accentuates your natural curves. Remember, less is more when it comes to flamenco-inspired wedding dresses.

To wrap it up, let me share with you a flamenco wedding guitarist that we are very proud to have at the Classical Guitar Agency.

Please take the time to view the complete profile of this flamenco guitarist in Bath here.


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